Backtesting System (SMC)

Backtesting System (SMC) is a backtesting system suite that allow you to backtest specific condition related to the Smart Money Concept toolkit.

User will be able to fully create their own unique entry, exit, take profit, stop-losses and outside tool that can be used as big confluence.



Backtesting Options

The Backtesting System (SMC) contains the following input settings

InputDescriptionAdditional Tips

Limit Backtest Window

Limit the strategy calculation period to a specific time limit between the "Start" Input and the "End" Input

Useful for backtesting a specific starting and end period of the market, maybe avoiding past data and use only most recent one.

Delay Entry Until Position Closes

If enabled, the current position need to be closed before opening a new one

Useful to let the winning position ride more without worrying about begin closed by the opposite condition criteria. For example a winning long position closed duo to a short criteria entry meet.

Invalidate Sequence On Opposite Condition

If true, all the condition need to happen in the exact sequence without interference with the opposite sequence one

By default, positions are opened once all the events have been executed on the chart, if enabled each of the conditions needs to happen one after another without any middle and vice versa one.

Backtest results do not offer future results. This Backtesting System is meant to be used to test specific conditions in their order or with their specific settings and is not meant to be followed blindly only if the winrate is good

A strategy can be profitable even below 50% win rate if used proper risk-managment

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